Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a compiled list of the most frequent questions we are asked, If we haven’t answered your question on this page head over to the contact us portion of this site and send us an email. One of us will answer your questions within 24 hours.

Do I need to be experienced to shoot with you?

The short answer no. The long winded answer is we’ve worked with first timers up to and including professionals who travel the world shooting. Despite your experience we work with you to make sure that when you leave there won’t be another photographer that compares or could for that matter. That’s our goal every single time we work with a client.

Do you ever travel to the USA or to different Provinces?

If time/schedule permits & all incurred expenses are covered.

Chrissy, do you offer packages for weddings?

Due to time constraints unfortunately at this time no I do not.

Is Beauty/Personified agency represented/recognized?

Currently we are seeking agency representation, we are not affiliated with any agency at this present time.

What are your rates?

Depending on the assignment requested they range from $50 to $4,000+. Head over to Build Your Shoot to learn more.

If I book a shoot with you will I be guaranteed a publication?

The honest truth is no, in certain situations however we are approached by publications looking for content in those situations the likelihood of having your images published is higher but still not guaranteed. We only submit to reputable publications as well which is also not guaranteed.  Anyone telling you they can absolutely get you published is either directly employed by a publication or selling you false hopes.

Can I bring a friend or family member to my shoot?

YES! We’ve had clients bring their boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives, we’ve even had clients bring their mom’s. Never shoot with anyone not willing to allow you to bring a chaperone.

How do I go about booking Chrissy for a photoshoot?

Under Build Your Shoot (Beauty Services) there is an option to book Chrissy for a photoshoot.

Do you accept trade for portfolio bookings?

Look, this is a big thing for a lot of people. Client thinks they should be paid for their time, photographer feels they should be paid for their time, it’s a catch 22 and the end result is TFP otherwise known as “trade for portfolios”.

The ugly truth is that a lot of guy’s with a camera are shooting clients for free for the soul purpose of finding a companion. These guys have absolutely no clue about what their clients are looking for or looking to pursue, so they merely take images that sell their look. It’s absolutely disgusting and we are very outspoken about these “photographers” who are cancer to an industry which is already flooded. The end result is posts about us on satire sites attempting to diminish our name.

That being said no we do not shoot TFP. Why? Because our clients get noticed, do we set the clients up with paid work? No. What we do is give you world class images that receive traction like you wouldn’t believe. It’s not uncommon for us to hear “our work is the best I have in my portfolio”. We take great pride in being the best in our clients port and make it our mission to be the best. Art is relative but having a portfolio that does you no justice is a waste of time. Again people notice our work and that has been proven with countless publications across North America and Overseas.

I have done my research but when I google Rick Ikon, the dirty website appears as well as ripoff report? Why?

Here’s the scoop, this industry is a highly competitive one. The fact of the matter is if you’re good at what you do, be it music, art, etc there will be a pack of wolves biting at your ankles to take you down.

That being said the sad truth is 98% of all negative posts about us have either been posted by other “photographers” or individuals directly involved with them. It comes with the territory however truth be told if they are taking time out of their schedules to make a post on satire sites then we must be doing something right.

We set the standard of what our clients should be receiving when they purchase content for their portfolio, not everyone is happy with that.

How much of a deposit do you require in order to book a service?

When a deposit is chosen as the payment option we require 50% upfront in order to book.

Rick, do you ever hold workshops or seminars?

It’s an idea I’ve played around with however nothing has come from it, maybe one day but not in the foreseeable future.

I'm new to photography, is there any piece of advice you could give?

If you can’t see it through the viewfinder, don’t focus on it.

I have a custom assignment that does not fit within your booking system, do you accept custom assignments?

For all custom assignments contact either:


How long do retouches usually take to be delivered?

I am absolutely the pickiest retoucher on the planet, that being said a standard retouch takes me between 45-60 minutes, due to the amount of detail and precision I put into my retouching clients usually receive their retouches within 14 business days. Apparently it’s worth the wait 😉

Chrissy do you vlog?

Not yet….. Soon.

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