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This is Chrissy, the only person on this beautiful planet of ours sadistic enough to want me around 24/7, that’s right we’re engaged, she said yes to dealing with my crazy ass for the rest of her life (sorry fellas). I could say that Chrissy is my makeup artist but truthfully that would be doing her an injustice, Chrissy handles all the boring behind the scenes analytical stuff that goes into running a business, she handles all of the scheduling, helps with wardrobe, finds bomb locations to shoot and truly is a massive reason why the shots we capture turn out so well. 

She is the ying to my yang in both my personal life and professional life, without her I would be half the photographer I am today. Shes a bomb ass makeup artist too, and exclusively the only one I use on my shoots.

Every now and again Chrissy likes to step infront of the lens and well those pictures speak for themselves.
Behind the scenes guru, makeup guru, style guru and the only person on this planet who can tame this gongshow I call a mind.

She’s pretty rad.

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